This is Why You Have Been Uninspired *Real Talk*

This is Why You Have Been Uninspired *Real Talk*

I use to think that I could start a business and as long as I was myself, I would get the clients, achieve my financial goals, and make plans to provide more value to my audience.  At least I thought that's how this whole business thing worked… didn't you?

When you started toying with the idea that you would start your own business, build an empire, and be known within your industry, didn't you think that all you had to do was produce and be yourself? Then, everyone started making noise saying that you had to pitch this way or brands wouldn't sponsor you or you had to use this secret formula to get clients to buy from you. Did it start making you crazy? I know I started feeling that way.

Within the last few weeks, I have experienced a mirage of emotions between being uninspired, irritated by the noise, stuck with being busy, and overall I just couldn't clear my head and get focused.

I would see all of these quotes about what it takes to be successful, sign up for this free webinar, watch my FB Live for my secrets to success, purchase this membership for valued support, sign up for these emails to get closer to your 5 figure income.

I'm over it. I'm sick of the noise. I want everybody to shut the hell up. Seriously, everybody shut the hell up.

Whether you own a business or work a 9-to-5; I think you can agree that hearing all of the noise has become a detriment to success. There are some entrepreneurs that are providing gems but those are few and far between. Everyone else sounds like the old lady at the swap meet haggling over a 25 cent "antique" that worth 2 cents. The noise is getting out of hand and it's mainly because these swap meet businesses aren't genuine. They lack authenticity.

Let me give it to you straight. They are pimping your time for less than what it is worth.  And you have been bamboozled for a free pdf file that has been collecting dust on your laptop and taking up precious space for the last XX days.


Stop letting these fake business owners play you.


Their pitch is slick. They have the gift of gab and they have a mouthpiece that should be bronzed and presented at the Smithsonian. I give credit where it is due. However, what do we really know about them except for the income reports and the testimonials they have on their website? How often are they really interacting? When are they interacting? Is it when they are launching? Is it ONLY when they are launching something that you here from them? Do they share the good and the great but keep the bad and the ugly close to their chest?


Like TLC said… You got a case of the Fake People


We all know this business is not for the faint of heart. If you don't know how cruel entrepreneurship can be, you might as well get out now. Go ahead and click exit. Do not pass go. Just go to your 9-5 or prepare for an interview because if you are not ready to experience the nitty gritty… it's best you leave.


When I realized what I really needed to happen in order to commit tomyself, I decided to take a break and regroup. I cleansed my social media of pages and people that didn't serve me. I emptied my inbox of all the noise that was being sent every day, and finally, I got real with myself. Listen, I don't want to serve a bunch of B.S. to you. That is not my end goal. I don't want to push noise your way.  In fact, the last thing I want is for what I serve to become noise.  As much as I was investing into every product, service, and masterclass, I wasn't creating much value to you.


Don't get me wrong, when I created the printables and these blog posts,  I thought they were needed… I still do. Now I have a new understanding of presenting value and being myself. I want to share my story and my experiences as I continue to build my platform.  I want to be authentic with you and show the good the bad and the ugly. I'm just a regular girl who loves to travel and develop businesses to their full potential. I'm following my dreams, and silencing the noise while doing so.

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