Service Design with Your Client in Mind.

Service Design is all about making sure your expertise is presented in it’s best light. The light that will allow your clients to get the bold and massive results you promise. Let’s work together to ensure you have a process in place that is streamlined and designed with your client in mind.



Get more information on how we can help you with your service design, gaining clarity in your ideal client, and improving your productivity.

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Why is Service Design Important?

Service design puts your client’s experience in the forefront of your expertise. It forms a bridge between what you provide and what you actually present

Collective Vision Consulting


Collective Vision Consulting

You already have your near-perfect service, program, or offer running on all cylinders but your client’s aren’t engaging with the information the way you envisioned.

Collective Vision Consulting helps you, the expert, audit your service, program, or offer and present it in a way that will improve the flow and rhythm your clients follow to get the results you promise.


Your client deserves a high quality service experience.

Let’s work together to take your service from good to great (and boost your revenue in the process)!

Is it time for a service audit

Is it time for you to perform a service audit?